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Do you have a technical issue?

1. Research before using:

When you first get the hardware wallet, we highly recommend that you watch as many step by step tutorials as possible on how to configure and use the device. When choosing Youtube tutorials to watch check the date of publication as some may be outdated. Watch current tutorials to make sure the instructions given out are not out of date as technology can change rapidly.

Ledger Nano S Plus click here; Ledger Nano X click here    

You can check out our Frequently Asked Questions here

2. Do basic troubleshooting:

If you encounter a problem, first check that the leads are connected properly at both ends, your internet connection is working and that you're following instructions correctly. If this fails to correct the issue, try a different computer and internet connection.
See a collection of useful links below. 

3. If you have a question, it has been asked before:

Keep in mind that over six million people around the world use Ledger hardware wallets. It's highly likely that any problem and question that you may have, has been encountered/ asked before. If you go to the official hardware wallet Support page, questions sent to them are documented and their answers recorded. So check out the relevant Support pages. Quick links provided below. For Ledger Support Click here

Ledger Support

Getting started

Set up your new Ledger Nano X

Set up your new Ledger Nano S Plus

Set up your new Ledger Nano S

Securing your Pin and 24 word Recovery Phrase

Firmware updates FAQ

List of supported crypto assets

USB connection issues with Ledger Live

Restore the Ledger account using the Recovery Phrase

Using the device

Receiving crypto assets

Sending crypto assets

Managing hardware wallet device storage capacity

Setting up and using MyEtherWallet with Ledger Nano S

Setting up and using MyCrypto with the Ledger Nano S

Checking your firmware version

Access Control Centre

Receive mining proceeds

Setting up a backup device

Set auto-lock and power off

Change your Pin Code

Fix USB issues

Reset to factory settings

 Ledger Nano X Support


Supported token types

Setting up the Bluetooth connection

Fix Bluetooth issues


 Ledger Nano S Plus Support

Getting started

Ledger Nano S Plus Frequently Asked Questions

Set up the Ledger Nano S Plus

How to migrate crypto from a Ledger Nano S to a Nano S Plus

Connecting your Nano S Plus to your Android mobile

Ledger Nano S Plus firmware release notes

Ledger Nano S Support

Ledger Nano S firmware update guide

Firmware update FAQ

USB connection issues with Ledger Live

Ledger Live Support


If you're using the Ledger hardware wallet after a long time 

Downloading and installing Ledger Live

4. Technical support:

For detailed support and instances of hardware wallet malfunction we recommend that you contact the official Support team - Click here


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