Ledger Nano S - Troubleshooting


If you have a question or are experiencing a problem, the best place to look for answers is the official Ledger Q&A site. The chances are it has happened before and been answered by Ledger support. Click here to connect.

Do I have to use Chrome to use Ledger apps? 

The simple answer is yes. You can use Google Chrome or Chromium 50+. Other requirements are Windows 9 (not XP); Mac (10.7+) or Linux.

I can't open my Ledger Nano S in Ledger Manager. What am I doing wrong?

This is a problem experienced by many due to not understanding the importance of watching the set up videos prior to installation. We strongly recommend you watch the Ledger Nano S set up guide videos on our website here prior to configuration and use of the device. The simple trick is when connecting to your Ledger apps, the Ledger Nano S wallet setting for Browser Support needs to be turned OFF. When connecting with other online wallets such as MEW, it needs to be turned ON.

What if my Ledger Nano S freezes? 

This doesn't happen often but if the screen of your Ledger Nano S is stuck on the same menu and you can't scroll up or down:

  1. Download the Ledger Manager
  2. Launch it
  3. Do not plug or unplug your Ledger Nano S
  4. Press and hold the left button (the one near the micro USB port)
  5. Plug in your Ledger Nano S
  6. The screen will display  "Bootloader"
  7. Release the left button
  8. The Ledger Manager will start loading

These simple steps should take care of the 'freezing'. 

(Source: Ledger Wallet, Jan 2018)

What if my Ledger Nano S is stuck on 'update'?

If your Nano S screen is stuck on "Update", it means that something, probably a network failure, blocked the firmware update procedure before it was completed.

Follow this guide to fix your issue: 

  1. In your Chrome browser go to chrome://extensions
  2. Click on the bin beside the Ledger Manager to uninstall it
  3. Go to github/Ledger
  4. Download the file and extract it
  5. Restart the Chrome browser
  6.  In chrome://extensions/ , activate the "Developer mode" in the top right corner
  7.  When it appears, click on "Load unpacked extension"
  8.  Download the extracted "chrome-app" folder
  9.  Once installed, launch this new application
  10. Connect your Nano S
  11. In this new Ledger Manager launched, go to "Firmwares"
  12. then click on the "Firmware" grey button
  13. And follow the instructions on the device to complete the update
  14. Once everything is done, uninstall this custom application on Chrome extensions and deactivate the Developper mode
  15. Re-install the Ledger Manager application on Chrome.

 (Source: Ledger Wallet, Jan 2018)

My Ledger Manager doesn't open. What do I do now?

  1. Check that another Ledger application is not already launched. If yes, quit the other application and retry.
  2. If your Ledger Manager is launched but does not open, disconnect the Ledger device at the USB, reconnect and re-enter your PIN code. Make sure your browser settings are turned OFF in your ledger wallet.
  3. It could also be that you have another application like Mist, Geth or Parity, Electrum open. Close all the other programs on your computer or use the Ledger device on another computer.

(Source: Ledger Wallet, Jan 2018)


"Unable to install app". What does this mean?

It could be that your device has run out of space to install the new application. The device has limited memory. If this is the case, you will need to uninstall an app that you don't currently require.

Or it could be that the application is already installed on your device. If you're trying to update the app, you will need to uninstall it first.

It says "No items to display" under 'Firmware'. What does this mean?

This means that the firmware of your device is already up to date. In case you know there is a pending update and it's not showing, it could mean that there is temporary issues in accessing the server. Try again in a short while.