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Ledger partners with Binance

Ledger partners with Binance

Buy from Binance directly through Ledger Live

Ledger has now partnered with Binance making your Web3 life a lot easier. No more switching between exchanges and the wallet and waiting out those anxious moments to see if your crypto transfer to your wallet has worked!

If you have a verified Binance account you can purchase over 80+ crypto directly through the Ledger Live desktop version using your bank card. Your purchased crypto is transferred directly into your secure hardware wallet. If you don't have a Binance account as yet you can create an account directly through your Ledger Live app (KYC check to be completed within Ledger Live).

How to purchase from Binance through Ledger Live

Buying crypto with Ledger Live and Binance is easy:

  • Select Binance in the Discover section
  • Select the currency you wish to purchase
  • Specify the amount
  • Your receiving address will be automatically filled out within Ledger Live
  • Confirm the transaction with your Ledger Nano device

Your purchased crypto will be directly transferred to your Ledger Wallet without the need to make a manual transfer.