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Ledger partners with Stader to bring ETH Liquid staking

Ledger partners with Stader to bring ETH Liquid staking

What is Liquid Staking?

Native staking requires the assets to be locked up for a certain period of time. However, liquid staking allows you to continue to use your assets in the blockchain ecosystem without losing your stake. It works by giving you liquid tokens in exchange that are similar to any other blockchain token, whilst you earn rewards for securing the blockchain. This means that you can trade and use DeFi protocols and blockchain applications while staking your coins.

Ledger’s Partnership with Stader Labs

Stader Labs is a liquid staking platform active across multiple chains. Staders partners include MetaMask, Compound, Ledger, Aave. You can now access ETH liquid staking though Ledger Live whilst staying secure within the Ledgers security framework. You can grow your assets while you keep the coins in your Ledger device.
Ledger allows its users to explore and take advantage of the Internet of Value securely by buying, selling, swapping, staking and lending. You can also use the DApps in the Discover section all the time with your private keys never leaving the Ledger device.
Disclaimer: Buy, sell, swap or lend and any other crypto transaction services are provided by third party service providers. Ledger provides no recommendations in relation to these third party services.

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