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Ledger Enterprise Tradelink

Ledger Enterprise Tradelink

What is Ledger Tradelink?

Ledger announces Ledger Enterprise Tradelink, an open governance network that will enable custodial trading for institutions, bringing the technology to manage crypto trading risk and regulation. It will allow custodial trading via exchange and custodial partners providing security, flexibility, control and transparency over institutional asset trading. It is a more secure and regulation friendly governance environment substantially reducing the risk of counterparty failures.
 In recent times, reducing third party risk exposure has become a primary concern for institutions investing and trading in crypto. Ledger’s technology provides governance, reduces lock-in risks and allows integration with their choice of counterparties.

Key features of Ledger Enterprise Tradelink are,

Off-exchange trading:

Direct transfer between crypto exchanges and OTC traders such as and Huobi is facilitated through Ledger secure technology.

Reduced risk:

Ledger’s open governance network allows fund managers to distribute and manage their crypto assets across numerous custodians reducing risk and possibility of lock-ins.

Security and transparency:

There is security and transparency throughout the network due to Ledger’s unique shared governance framework. It provides real time tracking of balances and operating status for all parties based on a trustless mode.

Zero transaction fees:

Ledger does not charge transaction fees. This ensures that fund managers can predict transaction costs allowing more accurate budgeting.
Sebastien Badault, VP of Enterprise Revenue at Ledger says this about Tradelink “We are creating a future-proof solution that will give Ledger Enterprise customers flexibility and security allowing institutions to de-risk their businesses. For almost a decade, Ledger has been building security and governance solutions for the crypto ecosystem. It is this core security foundation that can now be used to reduce counterparty risk and enable custodial trading for institutional investors. By unlocking better trading options for enterprises, we are empowering asset managers, custodians, and exchanges to navigate the changing landscape with confidence while making the whole ecosystem a safer and more transparent place.” 

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