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Ledger and Samsung partner for the NFT experience

Ledger and Samsung partner for the NFT experience

Ledger and Samsung are taking your NFT experience to the next level

Ledger has partnered with Samsung once again to bridge the gap between Web2 and Web3. Samsung is building a community of projects around their Web3 Partner Network and in collaboration with Ledger are aiming to improve your experience of the decentralised web culture.

Samsung will be releasing a new TV bundle with a focus on NFT art and culture enhancing your experience of viewing, owning, and displaying NFT art. It is launching a new NFT Art app, allowing you to securely display your NFT art on your TV via a Ledger hardware wallet.

Samsung’s aim is more ambitious than merely displaying NFT art. Through numerous collaborations with industry partners including blockchain gaming provider Illuvium, the Wilder World metaverse, World of Women, Polygon Labs and Ledger, Samsung will be delivering Web3 innovations for the future of the internet.

Samsung’s NFT Gallery app allows you to display NFTs on a TV screen accessed via the Smart Hub. You can connect the Ledger Wallet to the NFT Gallery app to securely buy, sell and trade NFTs. You can also use the new app to explore the wide collection of NFTs offered by Samsung’s Web3 partners.

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