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Introducing the Nano S Plus

Introducing the Nano S Plus



Key features of the Ledger Nano S Plus

The Ledger Nano S Plus, launched in early 2022, is the latest hardware wallet by the industry leading French hardware wallet manufacturer.

Replacing the Nano S which was launched in 2016, the Nano S Plus is a cutting edge hardware wallet that provides great value for money. It is Web3 friendly supporting DeFi and NFT, has a certified secure chip keeping your private keys offline and away from hackers reach, has a larger updated screen making it easier to navigate, and best of all has a larger storage capacity allowing up to 100 apps to be stored at a given time.

Functions of the hardware wallet

Paired with Ledger Live, the Ledger user interface app, you can send, receive, buy, lend, stake and store crypto with your Ledger hardware wallet.

The cold wallet, as hardware wallets are commonly known, allows you to own your crypto with your unique private keys - "not your keys, not your crypto". For as long as cryptocurrency assets are kept on an Exchange the keys to your crypto are owned by the Exchange. Ledger has a unique system where each app (coin type) generates its own unique keys associated with your unique 24 word Recovery Phrase.

Unlike the Nano X, the Nano S Plus doesn't have Bluetooth capabilities. This fuss free, easy to use device is a bigger better version of the trusty Nano S.

Pair with Ledger Live 

Pair your Nano S Plus with Ledger Live, the single point user interface for your hardware wallet. Remember to only download Ledger Live from the original Ledger website as there are fake Ledger Live apps on the web.

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