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CWA Frequently Asked Questions

Why Ledger hardware wallets?

1. Proven over time

There are a multitude of hardware wallets available on the market. However only a couple of them have global brand recognition. Ledger launched in 2014 and is arguably the world's leading hardware wallet brand having sold several million hardware wallets globally to date.

2. High level of security

Not all hardware wallets are made the same. Ledger Wallets are the only hardware wallets in the market to have a recognised security certification with multiple layers of security offered across all devices. 

Read more about Ledgers' security here: 

Why choose Ledger Wallets?  

Ledger Nano X Wins Prestigious Security Award

3. Coins supported

The various types of hardware wallets differ in the coins supported. Some hardware wallets in the market only support a handful of coins. Ledger hardware wallets support over a 1000 cryptocurrencies (through Ledger Live and other open source apps).


Which Ledger wallet is best for me?

The following are the main considerations in deciding which Ledger hardware wallet best suit your needs:

1. Storage capacity

Capacity of the wallets vary greatly. Ensure that the capacity of the device suits your requirements. The Nano S can store up to 3 - 5 apps (320kB), and the Nano S Plus (1.5 MB) and Nano X (2.0 MB) can store up to a 100 apps (depending on the size of apps installed). The Nano X hardware wallet has the greatest capacity.

2. Connectivity

Check that the devices are compatible with your IT set up and user requirements. 

The Ledger Nano S, Nano S Plus and Nano X connect with desktop/laptop via a USB cable (included with device). The Nano X can pair with a smartphone via Bluetooth (provides full access to Ledger Live features) whilst a Nano S and Nano S Plus requires an OTG cable to connect to an Android smartphone ('view mode' of Ledger Live only; OTG cable to be purchased separately).

3. Compatibility


Ledger Nano S - 64 bit desktop computer Windows (8.1 and above), macOS (10.8+), Linux excluding ARM processors

Ledger Nano S Plus - 64 bit desktop computer Windows (8.1 and above), macOS (10.14), Linux Ubuntu (16.10) excluding ARM processors

Ledger Nano X - 64 bit desktop computer Windows (8.1 and above), macOS (10.10 and above), Linux excluding ARM processors.

Ledger devices are NOT compatible with Chromebook. 


Ledger Nano S - Android 7 and above (limited functionality; requires OTG kit)
Ledger Nano S Plus - Android 8.1 and above (requires OTG kit)
Ledger Nano X - iOS 9 or Android 7 and above (full functionality)

What are the key differences between Ledger Nano S and Nano X?

Both devices are paired with the Ledger Live user interface app. Set up your device and manage your crypto with Ledger Live. The main differences between the two devices are:

  • Ledger Nano X is Bluetooth enabled and can connect to your smartphone without the need for cables
  • Ledger Nano S can hold approximately 4 - 5 coin apps (for example, Bitcoin Wallet and Ethereum Wallet) whilst the Nano X can accommodate up to a 100 coin apps depending on the size of the app. However, it is worthwhile noting that you can delete and re-install apps at any time - it will not affect your crypto transaction certificates saved within the individual apps.
  • The Ledger Nano X has two modes of connection (USB-C cable that comes with device to connect to desktop and Bluetooth to connect with smartphone (iOS 9 or Android 7 and above), whilst the Ledger Nano S requires a USB connection for computers and requires an OTG cable to connect with Android smartphones (view mode only).
  • The Ledger Nano X pairs Ledger Live with smartphones and has access to all functions on Ledger Live
  • The certified secure chip used in the Ledger Nano X is the same chip used in credit cards and passports.

Ledger Nano X FAQ    Ledger Nano S FAQ

What is Ledger Live? 

Are you an Authorised retailer for Ledger?

We are official Ledger partners and have been Authorised retailers for Ledger since 2017. We are an Australian company that specialises in Ledger hardware wallets. All stock is purchased directly from the manufacturer and sold to the customer.

We are an online retailer based in Sydney, Australia.

How long will it take for my order to be delivered?

All orders made prior to 6.30 pm AEDT will be shipped the next business day.

If the product is a 'Pre-Order' and we are awaiting stock to be delivered to us, the website will be updated with an estimated time of shipment. If this time is not achievable we will notify you and keep you informed every step of the way.

If you would like to get an estimate of delivery time from our door to yours, please visit the Australia Post delivery calculator page. Under 'TO' enter your postcode, and under 'FROM' enter postcode 2000 (Sydney Metro). This will provide you with the best estimate of shipping time. This page also has a tab for calculating delivery times to New Zealand.

Read our Shipping Policy here

What are the key things I need know when using a hardware wallet?

Pin Code and Recovery Phrase

When the device is first set up, it will require the customer to generate a unique Pin Code. In addition, the wallet will generate a unique combination of 24 words which will be the wallet Recovery Phrase. These two need to be kept secure as they provide access to your crypto account.

If the Pin Code and Recovery Phrase are lost or incorrectly written down, the customer will no longer be able to access the wallet and therefore the account. Or if someone else has access to these two pieces of information, they can access your account regardless of whether they have your hardware wallet or not. It is therefore best to do the set up and configuration of the device yourself.

Ledger Live download

Ledger Live is the user interface app for Ledger Nano X, Ledger Nano S Plus and Ledger Nano S. Use the hardware wallets paired with Ledger Live on the desktop or smartphone. There are many fake Ledger Live apps on the market on iTunes and Chrome. Download only from the Ledger manufacture's website or follow our download links for ease of mind.

Download Ledger Live here

What happens if I lose my Ledger hardware wallet or it gets damaged?

As long as you have the Pin Code and Recovery Phrase all is well. You can simply purchase another hardware wallet and reinstate your crypto account. 

Read this article for more info about hardware wallets: 5 things to know about crypto hardware wallets

Where can I find further information on Ledger products?

We have a wealth of information on Ledger products on our website. Have a look at the main menu tabs on INFO, GUIDES and NEWS for focus articles on Ledger products. Also check out the SUPPORT page for more detailed information.

How do I set up my Ledger?

Ledger Nano X set up

Ledger Nano S set up

Where can I find more resources on using the Ledger?

Check out our Support page for more resources