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Trezor - Usage


Which software wallets can I use with my Trezor devices? 

  • TREZOR Wallet
  • Electrum
  • Mycelium
  • Etherwall
  • ArcBit
  • Blackonomics
  • Copay
  • Chrome Extension
  • Electrum
  • Electrum-DASH
  • Electrum-LTC
  • Sentinel

How do I backup and recover my funds without a wallet? 

The 24 words you recorded when you first configured your device is your back up. These 24 words are your wallet 'seed' - it is like a passphrase that generates all your public and private addresses. Use the recovery phrase and one of the following wallets to instantly gain access to your account.

Transaction details explained:


A timestamp is the time when a given transaction has completed being processed. When a transaction is first made, its timestamp will display as “unconfirmed”. Once the transaction has completed successfully it will display as a date and time. Note: For large transactions, you should always wait for them to be confirmed before considering them to be complete!


This column always displays the address to which the coins were sent. If you want to know who is sending you bitcoin, you need to bill your clients with their own unique address to send to. You can do this, by going to the Receive tab and pressing More Please.


This column displays the amount of bitcoin transferred. It is negative for outgoing transactions.


This column shows the total number of bitcoins in your account after the transaction completed.

If you click on a transaction in the Transactions list you will see a list of links to third party services which can provide you with more information about the transaction.

Logging out when using Trezor on a shared device:

If you decide to use your TREZOR on a shared computer, such as at an Internet cafe or library, you probably don’t want TREZOR Wallet to continue showing your device after you leave. You can “log out” of TREZOR Wallet by selecting your TREZOR device on the left panel and pressing Forget device

How do I update my firmware?

Occasionally when you plug in your Trezor you may see a banner telling you that you need an update. That means it's time to update your Trezor firmware. Doing so is easy!

Without closing the TREZOR Wallet, unplug your TREZOR. Now press down both buttons on your TREZOR. Holding down the buttons, plug your TREZOR back in. It may help if you hold your TREZOR from the top in a pinching motion. 

Make sure you have your recovery card handy before you begin your update, as you may be required to re-enter your recovery seed after the update has completed.

(Source: Trezor/ Satoshi Labs)